• 4 layers of 100% wool walk
  • 20 layers of 100% cotton
  • A 100% wool felt sole which coated in natural rubber
  • The logo and the edging is a 100% cotton ribbon
  • Bees’ wax to strengthen the yarn and some elbow grease is used to handcraft a pair of slippers in this traditional way of hand sewing tiroler Doggln. (Slippers)

Through the heat of your foot, the sole part of the slipper will mould and custom shape around your feet.

This craft remains unchanged since the 18th century, when craftsmen would make Doggln out
of old work clothing or jackets, moving from farm to farm for free accommodation and food.

Boot Socks

Everybody who ever knitted a pair of socks knows how much work, time and effort goes into a pair. In need of some wool socks, as the ones I started knitting years ago are still in work-in progress, I decided to make a pair with my wool walk slipper fabric.

Turns out they are an everyday luxury for your feet at home and away. Around the house, in bed, on travels or for your wellington, winter or hiking boots. West-Strand boot socks can be part in the best adventures as well as they keep you and your loved one’s toes warm all year around in the comfort of home.

Boot Slippers

After West-Strand boot socks were created and knowing how to hand-sew the wool felt sole from the slippers, I wondered what would happen if I combined them and so the boot slipper was invented.

For cold feet West-Strand boot slippers are the ideal natural way of staying warm all year around.


As there is always a windy breeze on the Atlantic Coast a headband was the perfect solution to keep the ears warm all year around when out and about. Now I rarely leave the house without it.


West-Strand 100% Wool Beanies are designed to keep warm and cozy on those cold days of the year. A choice of coloured pompons available.