• 100% sheep wool
  • 100% cotton
  • Natural rubber
  • Hand wash only
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West-Strand slippers are handcrafted in the same way dating back to the 18th Century and made out of:

  • 4 layers of 100% wool walk-fabric
  • 20 layers of 100% cotton,
  • A 100% wool felt sole which coated in natural rubber,
  • The logo and the edging is a 100% cotton ribbon,
  • Bees’ wax to strengthen the yarn and some elbow grease is used to handcraft a pair of slippers in this traditional way of hand sewing tiroler Doggln. (Slippers)

This craft remains unchanged since the 18th century, when craftsmen would make a pair of Doggln (as we call them back home in Austria) out of old work clothing or jackets, moving from farm to farm for free accommodation and food.

  • The heat of your feet will soften and custom shape the Slipper to your foot.
  • Wool is naturally self-cleaning. It is disinfecting and antibacterial so it resists the build-up of smell and dirt.

The West-Strand 100% wool range is handcrafted in my workshop right on the Atlantic Coast in the small village of Strandhill in Co. Sligo, in the North-West of Ireland. As all work is handmade, variations are part of the unique process of creation. That makes every product one of a kind.

Materials: The 100% sheep wool fabric is called walk. It’s made in Austria in a small town near my home village, where the  wool is knitted first then hammered for strength.

The Shetland wool which is used for the walk-fabric is perhaps the completest article of its kind in the universe:

  • possessing at the same time,
  • the gloss and softness of silk,
  • the strength of cotton,
  • the whiteness of linen and
  • the warmth of wool which is the finest of all native breeds.

Did you know,… Wool as a natural material with its natural wool fleece insulation keeps you warm through reflecting the body heat on cold days. On warm days it keeps you cool through its air pillow.

  • It also is water resistant,
  • air permeable and
  • absorbs/stores moisture.



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